Telecare gives you the extra reassurance that in the event of an accident or emergency, your sensor will automatically alert Reach & Respond even if you are unable to contact us yourself using your pendant. See our prices below:

Telecare equipment Weekly prices
Extra pendant £1.00
Smoke alarm £1.00
CO detector
Falls detector £1.50
Flood detector £1.50
Heat detector £1.50
Door sensor £1.50
Bed/chair sensor £2.50
Smart hub £1.15

Find out more about each of the sensors.

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Visits and calls

Our friendly team of responders are always happy to reach out to our customers in non-emergency circumstances too. If you feel you’d benefit from a call or visit from us to check how you’re doing, we also offer this service.

Type Weekly prices
Welfare call £1.20
Welfare visit £3.50

How to pay 

You can pay for our services in a variety of ways including cheque, direct debit, and standing order. You can also pay by card over the phone.

Contact our experienced and friendly team who will explain the different payment methods and can help you to set up a payment method that suits you.


Reach & Respond has vastly improved my standard of living. I do not worry about the consequences of living on my own anymore and no longer feel a burden on my carers or family. My family and I have more freedom knowing I am in the safe hands of such a reliable support service.
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